Self-Guided Tours – More Info

Food Tour Meets City Exploration Game!

This experience is designed to be played independently using your mobile device,
without the presence of a tour guide.

The experience includes pre-selected, prepaid food servings plus a take-home treat.
You will receive vouchers to redeem at our partnered establishments.

Among the prepaid servings are: a shared pizza (vegetarian) with beverage choice (beer, wine or non-alcoholic beverage)*, a taco, a shared cupcake, and a shared BeaverTail® pastry. Restaurant food, taxes and tips are covered in your ticket price.

*Must be legal drinking age in Ontario, which is 19 years old in order to receive alcoholic beverages. Servings are subject to change according to availability of products or dietary restrictions.

You will be instructed where to pick up your vouchers once the experience is launched.

The map also offers additional stops for fun challenges, points of interest and coupons for other eateries!

You will have 12 hours to complete the map.

Bookings less than 24 hours in advance will not be possible as prep time is required.


• A robust, fully charged battery on your phone or tablet.
• A data plan – this experience cannot be run using WiFi.
• Storage room on your phone to download the app platform.
• Extra cash for additional coupons you unlock and for souvenirs you might want to purchase along the way.
• Comfy walking shoes and appropriate dress for weather.
• A water bottle for hot days.
• An appetite, a thirst for knowledge and a sense of adventure!

We will send a link to download our game app platform called “MooveGo” (available for iOS or Android) and your one-time game code for your chosen day to tour.


Play as a single participant, as a couple or as a group. For group play, you can use one mobile device screen, or each participant can download the experience on their own devices.

We recommend not travelling as a group of more than 10 people as your wait time at restaurants could be extremely lengthy to accommodate the group size.


Our experience has vegetarian options at every prepaid food stop. Advise your server upon arrival.

People following gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan diets may not have choices at all the prepaid food stops. Please inquire prior to purchasing your experience.

All prepaid servings offered are nut-free and no fish or seafood is offered among the prepaid servings.


On average, groups take 5 hours to finish the map if doing all the possible stops. If you choose to only do the prepaid food stops, your experience will average 3 hours.

We recommend starting the game between 11AM and 5PM to ensure restaurants and shops are open. Some stops critical to the game may not be open before 11AM and  some may not be available after 5PM.

Your experience is set up with challenges that unlock coupons and/or points. The more points, the more you will rank up on our Leaderboard. Prizes will be awarded on occasion for top point scores!

This experience is only available in English at the moment. French to follow shortly!


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