Safety & Sanitation Protocols


COVID-19 update: All classes are open. Face masks are encouraged but not mandatory.  Physical barriers remain in place.
Tours are available for general or private booking. 

We care about your safety, and ours


For the safety of our COOKING CLASS guests, physical barriers have been installed in our kitchens to protect participants and staff. Classes are limited to 8 individual participants per kitchen, or 6 duos (applies to certain classes only). We continue to encourage face masks to circulate in our space as distancing is difficult to maintain. The safety of our patrons and staff continues to be of top priority.

FOOD TOUR guests have the option of being masked or not. Patrons will be informed of any individual guidelines from partnering food establishments as needed.

Should you need to cancel due to illness (COVID or other), please visit our Cancellation Policy page, or refer to your ticket invoice for the Terms & Conditions.

Cooking Class Protocols

Guests work at compartmented work stations and don’t share equipment or ingredients.

Safe Travels Stamp

This certification is globally adopted and recognized. 

Food Tour Protocols

We follow all guidelines from health authorities and respect each restaurant’s protocols.